Annabelle Galt and associates deliver bespoke physiotherapy services for both the equine and canine patient.

We offer treatment in the animals home environment, during competition and at our clinic base in Warwickshire.

Veterinary physiotherapists obtain veterinary approval prior to treatment of your animal, to ensure your animals best interests are of number one priority.

Equine Physiotherapy

Canine Physiotherapy


"Annabelle Galt has been treating my team of event horses for the past seven years. Her attention to detail and genuine talent for what she does has without doubt contributed dramatically to our success. She is able to recognise potential injuries before they occur, thus enabling us to maintain a happy and healthy string. She is forever improving her own knowledge  and updating her own equipment, staying right at the forefront of the very best of veterinary physio. We value her extensive knowledge, professional attitude and unparalleled expertise beyond measure".

Flora Harris


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If you would like to discuss your animal with one of our team please do not hesitate to contact us.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Annabelle Galt Veterinary Physiotherapy



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Annabelle: 07980 090665

Harriet: 07494689566


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